Week 2 AEC Blog

What kind of parent do i want to be? Why?

I would want to become an Authoritative parent in the future. Because i feel that it it the best parenting styles out of the 4 and the most effective and beneficial. I will make sure that there are guidelines to follow for my children, so that they will be able to follow the rules and laws in the future when they grow up. This will also help me foster a good relationship with my children so that they can share or ask me anything they want. I feel that this parenting style will help my children become  good citizens in the future.

Some of us like complaining about our parents. But would we prefer it if we were left to our own devices? Why or why not?

I would prefer if our parents were to let us decide on our own once we reach a certain age when we are 18, as at this age majority of us will be able to tell what is right from wrong. We will also learn how to be more independent which is very important for our growth to becoming young adults, as we can’t always be relying on our parents for advice in the future. By letting us decide on certain things, we can sometimes learn from our mistakes which we have made, which we can learn from it, making us improve ourselves as citizens.



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