Week 4 AEC Blog

What is my own philosophy on migration and/or refugee issues? Why do I think the way I do?

I feel that migration has both good and bad impacts onto a country. The good includes giving diversity to a country such as the culture, language, history, types of food and dishes they eat and many more. It gives locals an opportunity to learn more about the migrants from their country which makes them more educated and aware about the people around the world. Skills can also be taught between the locals and the migrants, which helps to bring the world closer together as friendships are being made. while the bad includes more competition of jobs which creates resentment against the government and the migrants. This can lead to riots which can damage the image of the country and scare off tourists. However, i feel that migration provides more positive impacts than bad. I feel that as long as the government is being fair to everyone and not bias to the migrants, there will bound to be more positive impacts through migration.

I also feel that refugees should not be mistreated inhumanely as they are still human and can provide help in many ways. One example is although Steve Jobs was a refugee in the past, however, he turned out as one of the most successful person in the world, this shows that we should not judge a book by its cover. Many of these refugees are skilled people and have a lot of potential, thus we should not turn them away and instead should try our best to provide them with a home. Therefore, i feel that refugees should have rights and get to speak out.


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