Week 6 AEC Blog

What if Singapore doesn’t have any foreign domestic workers or foreign construction workers? What will happen?

I feel that if Singapore do not have any foreign domestic workers or foreign construction workers, we will not be able to grow economically. We would also cause hundreds and thousands of these workers to go jobless, they will not be able to make a living and provide for their family, causing them to starve.

Without domestic workers, many mothers will have to quit their job and become house-wife so as to take care of their children at home. This is because not all grandparents will be fit enough to take care of their grandchildren and some of them may have passed away. With the father being the only one receiving an income, it can be very tough for some families to survive, especially those with low-pay jobs, also they will not be able to spend much and will have to save more. Couples will have to reconsider about having kids as they may not be able to afford having one or the time to take care of one. All these negative outcomes of not having any foreign domestic workers in Singapore will worsen Singapore’s ageing population, which would mean that there will be much lesser able-bodied men in the workforce later in the long-run. This will cause Singapore’s defence to be weak and an easier target to take over.

Without foreign construction workers, i feel that the government will force many Singaporeans to take up the job as construction workers. However, there will be much less as i don’t think that many would want to be construction workers, With much lesser construction workers in Singapore, the progress of constructing buildings will be slowed down drastically and their efficiency would be decreased significantly. Therefore, this will make Singapore lose out in the global industry.

With all these negative outcomes of not having foreign domestic workers or foreign construction workers at all, it shows that Singapore needs them in order to grow further as a country.



Week 5 AEC Blog

What is a “good country” to me? Do I consider Singapore a good country?

A good country to me is a country that makes me feel safe where ever i go to, and a country that cares about the citizen’s well-being such as listening to their needs and wants. I feel that Singapore is a good country and i am blessed to be born as a Singaporean. The government of Singapore has worked really hard to make Singapore a multi-ethnic country where people from different races can work and live together in harmony, which i feel that is something hard to achieve and hard to find in other countries. I also feel very safe and well-protected in Singapore as i am able to roam around during the night time, which i heard that in many countries it is very unsafe to walk alone at night. After visiting the RSAF open house, i also realised how powerful Singapore’s air force is, because of its high-tech weapons and aircrafts they use, they are able to protect Singapore from aggressors. I also feel thankful to live in Singapore because of the healthcare system. We have one of the best healthcare system in the world, and this makes patients from overseas to come and visit Singapore for treatment. The government have also provided us with different subsidy rates which ensure that every Singaporeans are treated fairly, and enable them to receive treatment even if they are poor. However, the only thing i’m unhappy about is that Singapore’s work life and study life is very stressful unlike in other countries such as in Australia or the US they have a more care-free life due to their different culture and environment. However, i can’t complain as Singapore has served the citizens well and we have to remember that there is no perfect country in this world, we have our flaws too, therefore i’m proud to say that i’m a Singaporean!