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After reading through a couple of articles on the website, i read one particular one which was about a Syrian woman whom fled her country to Europe as a refugee. Reading through parts of her journey and the different stages she went through before reaching Germany really made me feel bad for the Syrian refugees or any refugees out there in the world, because i felt that no one deserved to be treated in that manner. Their struggles made me realize how blessed i am to be living in Singapore, not having to suffer these kinds of situations.

The name of the article was called “The Day I Became Just a Stupid Number”: One Syrian Refugee’s Journey to Europe. The essay in the article was written by Zozan Khaled Musa, whom is 25 years old, she talks about the hardships she had to go through to Turkey, to Greece and to Southern Europe to reach Germany.Zozan Khaled Musa

There were many instances where she and the rest of the refugees was being treated inhumanly. For instance, instead of registering their names on the list, they wrote numbers on their hands as if they just represent a number to them. Also, the people handling the refugees were unfair as some people had been waiting for a long time, however the security guards were letting newer ones in before them. He even said “You seem nervous. If you want, you can go back to your country and stay there,” These refugees were treated as if they had no human rights at all, like they had to shut up and   listen to their orders just because they were refugees, which made me feel really angry and annoyed that they were getting this kinds of treatment. She also said that “It was a shock to see thousands of people waiting and pushing each other, and how badly everyone was being treated by the Serbian police. It is an experience you would never want to go through unless you are truly desperate.” Many of these refugees had to wait for days while sleeping on the streets  just to get a registration paper which i felt was ridiculous, as this shows how inefficient they are in handling the refugees, its as if they simply do not care about this people.

Article Website: (

Why i chose this story?

After reading her last few sentences in the article which says”I put myself in their shoes. It’s hurtful when you see others look at you in a certain way, assuming that you came because of poverty. That’s what most people think of the word “refugee.” ”

Many people think that if you’re a refugee, it means that you’re poor, which is why you flee your country. This is a wrong perception that should definitely be changed because there are many reasons why people would want to flee their country.

The reasons are: 

  1. They’re forced to flee persecution for their political or religious beliefs, ethnicity, nationality or membership of a particular social group.
  2. They are compelled to leave the country as a result of war.
  3. Because of natural disasters occurring increasingly as a consequence of climate change.

Website: (

I feel that the government should make more efforts in helping these refugees around the world, be it accepting them to their country, providing basic necessities and shelter, or even raising awareness to stop the discrimination which these refugees do not deserve at all.

After researching for organisations that are helping the refugees in Syria due to the war, i found out one in particular called Islamic Relief Singapore. They are raising a lot of money to provide the people with an education, food for survival, emergency relief, livelihood, water and many more. You can learn more about whats happening to these refugees and how we can help them by checking out their website at

To conclude, i feel that more should be done to help all these refugees around the world, especially the ones in Syria as they are in desperate need of help, and i feel that we can all do our part in little ways to help ease their suffering.





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