Worker Writes

After reading through the many poems written by the talented migrant workers from the Workers Poetry Competition, i read one in particular that caught my attention. The name of the poem is called “Desolation and Request of Mother and Son”, and was written by Glory Ann R. Balista. The poem is about the mother’s feelings and wishes for her children, due to the fact that she has been away from them since young. It is said that this poem was dedicated to her son and to all FDW’s children, to let them know how much the parents loves them and to let them know that they’re not the only one who feel sadness, pain, and suffering as their parents feel the same too.

I chose this poem as it was easy to understand the meaning behind it, also it shows just how much the mother cared for her son and wanted the best for him. This can be seen from:

I hope you understand

I just wanted to make

A bright future for you

It saddens me that many parents like her have to leave their children for long periods of time such as years, just to earn a living overseas so that they will be able to send money back home to their children. It shows that the only way for her to express her love to her son is by sending money back home so that he can continue with his studies which will provide him with many opportunities in the future when he grows up. This can be seen from:

Hopefully you hear, Son!

This is my little wish,

That I have to create opportunities

To again express to you

My love and tenderness.

The poem describes a lot about her sadness and regret from leaving her son at such a young age to work in a foreign country to make a living. Also, she hopes that they would forgive her as she had no other choice as she had to support her family in order for her children to survive and get a brighter future. This can be seen at:

My departure

 filled with resentment.

Feelings of sadness in my heart

I just endure.

When I sleep at night

I wish,

you are next to me

I try to close my eyes. . .

But cannot stop the tears flowing.

Forgive me my son

Because I have been distant

Since you were little.

This is a poem which i feel that many of us can relate to including me as i once had a maid and she had to leave behind her children back in Jakarta as she was making a living in Singapore. I felt really bad for her as she could only see them once every few years and her children may or may not be able to recognize her due to the long period of time away from them. This can also be a learning lesson to us, to cherish and be more understanding towards our parents as they have worked so hard to raise us. If we put our shoes in theirs, we would realize how fortunate we are to have our parents by our side every step of the way, unlike those who have unfortunate circumstances.



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