DMIT HBL Reflection

  1. Explain why user could not see your blog at Task B?

Because it was being saved as a draft, as it was not published.

2.Explain the difference among Save as a draft, preview and publish.

Save as draft means the blog is still a work in progress and is not published for the world to see yet. Preview means that your blog has been published and you can view it. Publish means that blog has been posted for the world to see.

3. What is the URL to your post?

4.  Where is your Post stored?


5.What is the HTML syntax for hyperlink? List three properties for hyperlink.

The HTML syntax for hyper link is <a>

A hyperlink is a text or an image which you can click on and brings you to another page.



What are the functions of the principal components?


The Linux operating system provides the platform for secure and reliable operation of the web server. Access to the file system is governed by file permissions and enforced by the operating system. The operating system also provides interfaces to the networks and enforces process and user security.


When a user requests a page or content from the web server, Apache receives the HTTP Request and interprets the contents. For example, Apache will determine whether a file extension has been supplies as part of the Request. If so it will determine whether the requested resource is a static items, e.g. a simple web page stored as an HTML file, or whether the requested item relates to an application, e.g. a PHP file. Depending on the complexity of the requested item, Apache may be required to locate and respond with a number of resources, e.g. the basic HTML file, CSS files, Javascript, images and other media like MP3 audio files of SWF video files. Apache determines where to locate the content based on the path specified in the HTTP Request and the file paths identified in the HTML content.


Increasingly users expect to be provided wuth dynamic content, which may be influenced by time, current events, the user’s location or personalisation. With these more complex websites, static HTML pages are largely replaced by applications. One of the most popular scripting languages is PHP and there are a wide range of applications available including content management systems (CMS) like Joomla!, forums, bulletin boards, shopping carts, etc.

For a dynamic site, the Apache web server is configured to recognise when a script needs to be run, this may be through a combination of file extensions and default settings. For example, if a website’s home page is requested and the server has PHP installed, Apache will seek an index.php file in the root directory if there is no index.html file in the website root directory. It is this mechanism which is used to initialise applications like Joomla! The PHP scripts will be used to store and retrieve information and to render the HTML page layouts for transmission back to the user’s browser by the Apache web server.


Typically a PHP website will also use a MySQL database to store content and configuration information. It is possibel to build sites where the contents are storeed in flat text files, but the use of relational databses like MySQL gives greater flexibility. The interaction between the Apache webserver and the MySQL database is handled by PHP.

Week 3 AEC Blog

What i know about money management:

It is about knowing how to handle the money we have earned such as saving, spending and investing.

What i want to know about money management:

I want to know the proper way of handling my money and what i should not do with my money.

i want to learn how to spend my money wisely.

What i have learnt about money management:

I learnt the meaning of Inflation and how it can affect us negatively in the long run as we will need to spend more money to purchased the goods that we once had spent less on in previous years.

I learnt about the tax rates and how it will affect us individually depending on how much we earn as we will have to pay more taxes if we earn more.

I learnt that success can be interpreted differently depending on how WE define success.It does not always have to be about earning lots of money and to be rich.

I learnt that investing can be more useful in getting extra income, rather than putting all of our money in the bank, as the interest rate is much lower than investing in big companies and corporations.

The slides and videos have encouraged, and taught me how to spend my money wisely such as purchasing things that i need rather than what i want. This is important as it helps us safe more money for our future.




Week 2 AEC Blog

What kind of parent do i want to be? Why?

I would want to become an Authoritative parent in the future. Because i feel that it it the best parenting styles out of the 4 and the most effective and beneficial. I will make sure that there are guidelines to follow for my children, so that they will be able to follow the rules and laws in the future when they grow up. This will also help me foster a good relationship with my children so that they can share or ask me anything they want. I feel that this parenting style will help my children become  good citizens in the future.

Some of us like complaining about our parents. But would we prefer it if we were left to our own devices? Why or why not?

I would prefer if our parents were to let us decide on our own once we reach a certain age when we are 18, as at this age majority of us will be able to tell what is right from wrong. We will also learn how to be more independent which is very important for our growth to becoming young adults, as we can’t always be relying on our parents for advice in the future. By letting us decide on certain things, we can sometimes learn from our mistakes which we have made, which we can learn from it, making us improve ourselves as citizens.


Week 1 AEC Blog

Question: What adjustments can i make in my daily life to be a better local, regional or global citizen? 

Answer: I can be a better citizen of my country by keeping my environment clean. For example, i will not litter on the floor and make a mess in public places such as in the classrooms. I can also play my part my helping to pick up litter when i see them on the ground, this will help to ease the cleaners job of clearing the rubbish on the ground, as it can be very hard and tiresome for the cleaners as many of them are quite elderly.

I can also be a better citizen of my country by getting a good education. By getting educated, i can get better jobs which will allow me to contribute more to the economy. Not only that, i will also be well informed, which will help me make good decisions when it comes to voting in the near future.

Lastly, i can be a better citizen of my country by giving back to the community. This can be done by simply donating money to the needy/poor in local or global organization/charities, or doing volunteer work at shelters such as at old folks home. By playing my part, i can better myself as a citizen of Singapore.